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What is breast enlargement surgery?

Breast enlargement, breast augmentation or ‘boob job’ is a surgical procedure that aims to enhance the size and shape of patient’s breasts. This is typically achieved by insertion of breast implants underneath patient’s breasts, or sometimes under the pectoral muscle which lies underneath the breast tissues.

It is important to know that breast enlargement could also be achieved through fat transfer to breasts which is the second most common method to enlarge a breast or through tissue transfer, known as free flap augmentation, although the last method is very rarely used in a cosmetic setting.

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Choosing your breast implants

Breast enlargement is different to other plastic surgery procedures as the main determinant of the outcomes is not the surgical skills, but it is the combination of these surgical skills with the wisdom of the patient when they decide on their implants.

Choosing breast implants is the most crucial part in the procedure and hence, it is advisable to spend as much time as needed before deciding on the breast implant.

There are three main things to consider while choosing the right breast implants. These are the size, shape of the implant, and where to insert it.

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Implant size

Patients should go through two ‘’sizing consultations’’ before they decide on their implant size. This is usually done with the surgeon, nurse or patient coordinator before the surgery takes place. During the consultation, patients wear a special bra and top and try few different sizers in front of a mirror till they find the size they opt to have.

Some patients do what is known as the Rice Test where they try different bags full of rice in front of a mirror at their home to help them have an idea about what they would like to be.

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Implant shape

There is no right or wrong answer with implant shapes. However, surgeons usually recommend their patients to consider the shape of their existing natural breasts before they decide on the implant shape. For example, if the patient’s breasts look round with nipple setting in the centre, then a round implant would fit better, but if their breasts have some droopiness to them with the nipple slightly low, then a tear drop implants would be their best option.

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Where to have the implants inserted

Patients can have their implants inserted in one of three possible planes:

A - Underneath the gland, i.e., on top of their muscle.

B - Underneath the muscle.

C - Dual plane: this is having the implant partly under the gland and partly under the muscle.

Whatever plane is used, the main aim is to have the implants well covered by the patient’s natural tissue to minimise risks, like rupture, leakage or feeling the edge of the breast implants.

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What are the most common breast implant brands in breast enlargement surgery?

The most common breast implants used in the UK are Mentor, Motiva, Allergan, and Sibben. There are so many other brands in the market, and they all come with smooth, textured, microtextured, low, moderate, and high profiles of round or tear drop, also known as anatomical, shape.

Do I need a breast uplift with the enlargement?

Most breast enlargement surgery patients do not require an uplift. Some patients may require a breast uplift, also known as mastopexy surgery, either at the time of breast enlargement surgery or as a separate procedure prior to the enlargement surgery if they have droopiness to their breasts beyond a certain point. This happens more commonly with a history of multiple pregnancies or massive weight loss.

How long does breast enlargement take?

Breast enlargement surgery is usually performed as a day surgery procedure. Patients leave the hospital on the same day, a few hours after their recovery. The surgery itself can take between one and one and half hours.

Do I need drains after surgery?

It is unusual to have drains after breast enlargement surgery. Drains were used more often in the past due to the length and techniques of the surgery. Nowadays, thanks to the advances in surgical and anaesthesia sciences, the risk of bleeding is much less than before, hence the rarity of using a drain in breast enlargement surgery.


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What is the aftercare procedure following breast enlargement surgery?

Following breast enlargement surgery, patients leave the operating theatre with their dressings and garments on. They are sent home with some painkillers with or without antibiotics. Breast augmentation patients are advised to take rest for few days and avoid driving and exercises for a few weeks.

The first change of dressings usually takes place between 7 and 10 days by a qualified nurse or the surgeon. Patients usually have their follow up with their surgeon at 6 weeks, 3 and 6 months before they are discharged. 

What should I do after breast enlargement surgery?

  • Mobilise and walk to prevent blood clots.

  • Drink plenty of fluids.

  • Eat a healthy diet with high protein to help your wounds to heal.

  • Wear your garments day and night for 6 weeks then at night only for another 3 weeks.

  • Shower using natural cleaning materials and tap dry with cotton towels.

  • Leave the dressings intact if there are any. They are usually waterproof or semi waterproof.

What should I avoid after breast enlargement surgery?

  • Smoking or sitting with any smokers for at least two weeks.

  • Driving for 2 weeks after surgery at least.

  • Exercising for 4 weeks at least after surgery.

  • Spending a long time in a bath or open water.

  • Exercising your chest or upper arm muscles for at least 2 months after surgery.

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Samantha Saddleton

When I met Dr Alfie for our first consultation I was very nervous but he made me feel so at ease. He took time to explain everything to me and we had a good chat about what was realistic and achievable and I felt confident I was in safe hands. On the day I felt well looked after. I really would recommend.


My experience with London Cosmetic Surgery has been amazing from the very start. They are all so friendly and make you feel immediately at ease. Dr Alfie takes the time to explain every aspect of the procedure in great detail which I was very grateful for! I have been well looked after throughout and am so happy with my results. I cannot recommend Dr Alfie and his team enough.

Leah Pollock

Dr Alfie and his team were absolutely fantastic every step of the way, they put me at ease, kept me informed and everything moved along very quickly. I'm thrilled with my results and very grateful for Dr Alfie's help. Would highly recommend to anyone considering cosmetic procedures.

Dayna Mansfield

Amazing! I am 4 weeks post op from my breast augmentation with Dr Alfie and I am so pleased with my results. From my very first consultation Dr Alfie listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything in such detail so that I fully understood everything about the procedure and results...

Kara Dale

Amazing! I am 4 weeks post op from my breast augmentation with Dr Alfie and I am so pleased with my results. From my very first consultation Dr Alfie listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything in such detail so that I fully understood everything about the procedure and results.

Nicole Arraiano De Jong

Can’t sing Dr Alfie and his teams praises enough. They really have their patients best interests and heart and I have felt truly cared for throughout my entire breast augmentation journey from the initial consult all the way to post op check ups. The results are unbelievable!


As a genuine client.....!
Lovely staff, accommodating, helpful. I definitely appreciate the honesty. Definitely felt my best interests were at the heart of my consultation.


Dr Alfie and his team were professional…
Dr Alfie and his team were professional and knowledgable. I had a lot of nerves and reservations and all of them were answered and discussed fully. I would recommend Dr Alfie because I did not feel pressured or like a number he took his time and gave attention. Amazing results for me

Barry Thraves

Boob uplift with Dr Alfie
I had a breast uplift in October 2021 with dr Alfie. The consultations were very good, myself and my husband felt very relaxed with Dr Alfie, he listened to my concerns and was very reassuring.

Teresa Johnson

I had breast reduction surgery by Mr Alfie
I had breast reduction surgery by Mr Alfie in November 2021. When I saw the results I was overwhelmed with joy at what I now saw in the mirror. I now have uplifted, beautiful breasts. The impact of this change on my life has been amazing.

Mrs Herber

Mr Alfie is an excellent surgeon who cares about his patients
This is my second surgical procedure with Mr Alfie and the whole process has been amazing. Mr Alfie is kind engaging and fully explains everything and what realistic expectations. The results from my full abdominoplasty are much better then I thought I’d likely achieve with a fantastic very thin scar line.

I am writing with big thanks to the London Cosmetic Surgery. I was extremely anxious before my procedure, but Dr Hazem Alfie put me at ease and it all went exactly as he described.

First of all thank you so much for giving my old life back. I had total implant removal / capsulectomy surgery with Dr H Alfie and I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me and also Alex she is amazing organised everything and made all the process smooth and easy.

Mr Alfie has changed my life… I had list 13 stone in weight.. my skin hung from me .. I approached him to perform a adominaplasty , I was apprehensive.. i need not have worried.. Mr Alfie cares.. he really cares about you arent just another pay cheque.. you matter.. he made me feel at ease and talked me through everything

I have now had 2 surgical procedures with Mr Alfie, after massive weight loss I was left with hideous skin. The results from full abdominoplasty and breast lift/augmentation are truly astonishing and much better results then I realistically thought I would achieve.

Dr Alfie did a great job and I have not had any negative effects due to procedure . He was also very friendly and it made the whole experience great fun!


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